Ankit Mishra is a writer, speaker and expert in energy economics. He is an Energy Contributor at Forbes, Project Manager at Cycle Capital and a Fellow at the Energy Futures Lab.

Ankit Mishra has spent his entire career at the intersection of technology, public policy, and energy.

As a Contributor at Forbes, Ankit provides regular insights on economic growth, energy transition and the future of work with interviews from industry experts. He is also a Fellow at Energy Future Labs and Project Manager at Cycle Capital.

Previously, Ankit worked for various early-stage startups in the Bay Area, the Ontario Government and the OECD. In addition to his daily duties, Ankit mentors aspiring entrepreneurs at Futurpreneur Canada and undergraduate business students at Ivey Business School (Western University).

Currently based in Montréal, he has lived and worked in London, Paris, Brussels, San Francisco, New Delhi and Toronto. Ankit holds a master’s degree in international economics from Sciences Po Paris and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from York University.


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